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  •  HighStep Robo


The autonomous robot

The HighStep Robo is powered by electricity and will travel on vertical and horizontal rails. Thanks to its integrated control panel, it is able performing many different tasks autonomously or remotely controlled.

Possible applications

Monitoring and surveillance
For optical controls and observations, a high-resolution roaming radio camera can be mounted on the HighStep Robo. Pictures and videos can be sent over the internet or saved to the controller's storage medium. 

Cargo transport
With a lifting capacity of 60 kg, the HighStep Robo can also be used for cargo transports. The device can be fixed at the desired location with to 2 additional magnetic holding brakes. 

In cable ducts, wind turbines or on buildings, the HighStep Robo can detect and fight fire. To this aim, it can be equipped with a fire extinguisher cartridge module. The fire extinguisher robot can either patrol and extinguish fires automatically, or, thanks to the control panel, it can be used in a targeted matter if needed.