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Removable end-section of the rail

Despite the fact that the HighStep Rail cannot be climbed without the gear and abuse can thus be excluded, it can make sense to be able to remove the end-section of the rail, for example:

  • for lack of space
  • due to aesthetic reasons
  • or to prevent vandalism

HighStep Systems has developed a solution thanks to which the end-section of the rail is easy to attach and detach. This end-section is 3 m long by default, but can be custom made according to the customer's wish. Due to its low weight, the user can carry the attachable rail section to the site of operation along with the climbing devices.

HighStep Rail lifting equipment

The assembly normally takes place as follows: Another rail section is attached to an already assembled rail. Both parts are riveted to the previously installed connection profile.

But not every assembly can take this way. If a pylon is being newly erected in pieces and there is a HighStep Rail already connected to these pieces, during assembly there will first be gaps between the sections. The rail sections previously installed on the pieces have to be pulled together by force in order to close the gaps. The rail sections to be assembled will be positioned to a millimetre by the rotating spindle in an energy-saving way, so that the rivet holes are on top of each other.

Even exchanging already assembled rail sections presents no problem thanks to the HighStep Rail lifting equipment.