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  •  HighStep System

  •  HighStep Rail

  •   HighStep Easy

  •  HighStep Lift

  •  HighStep Robo



Each rail segment can bear a load of up to 5 tonnes. Each pair of segments are connected by a connec-tion profile with the same strength. Rails and connection profile are held together by 16 Monobolt rivets. Under these conditions, the installed Rail has the strength of a steel rope with a diameter of at least 15 mm.

The Rail is also attached to the building or tower by multiple spring brackets. This provides maximum redundancy, as the Rail remains securely attached to the supporting structure even if one or more con-nections are lost. Just a few connections are sufficient to ensure safety.

The final point to mention is that climbing up a HighStep Rail is impossible without the original HighStep climbing devices. This automatically prevents unauthorised access, so the Rail can start at ground level, and does not have to be locked.

Resulting benefits:

  • Improved safety
  • Reduces risk of falls and missteps
  • Makes additional safety gear (e.g. back-protectors, rope safeguarding etc.) redundant


The HighStep is the basis of the HighStep System and will as such remain unchanged for all time. More and more devices will be developed in the years to come, which will run on the Rail available today.

All HighStep climbing devices as well as the HighStep Rail are highly adaptive to meet a variety of future challenges supporting its users to solve new problems or meet even more specific requirements.

Resulting benefits:

  • HighStep Rail remain will remain unchanged over time
  • All product developments and enhancements will be fully compatible with the HighStep Rail
  • Future challenges and requirements can be solved more efficiently
  • Today manually climbing – Tomorrow automatically climbing with the HighStep Lift – The day after tomorrow carry out various tasks automatically

Protection of misuse

The HighStep Rail can only be climbed by using a HighStep climbing device. This mainly prevents the access of unauthorised personnel. No additional safety gear is necessary, compared to traditional climbing solutions (e.g. back-protectors, rope safeguarding etc.).

The HighStep System reduces the potential risk to both man and material in case of damage occurring out of unauthorised usage.

Resulting benefits:

  • No unauthorised access
  • No additional safety necessary
  • Reduced risk of damage to man and material


The HighStep Rail offers a high degree of profitability. This is achieved through its high quality and sustainabile construction. HighStep Rail simultaneously minimizes installation, as well as maitenance costs and maximizes the product’s economic benefits.

Resulting benefits:

  • Lower cost for accidents
  • Improves user capabilities
  • High investment protection
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low set up costs


The HighStep Rail is extremely simple to install and can be applied regardless of the shape and surface of the building. The HighStep Rail is bendable and can be adjusted on-site if required by the shape of a building or structure. The connection to the building is highly flexible and therefore also suited to tackle overhanging angles. This significantly reduces the efforts for assembling and customized engineering compared to traditional climbing solutions.

As the HighStep Rail is permanently installed on the building the user solely needs to carry along his climbing device, HighStep Easy & Protector or HighStep Lift to access all buildings that are equipped with the HighStep Rail.


Resulting benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • One climbing device enables the user to access all structures equipped with the HighStep Rail


The HighStep Rail generally requires no maintenance. The redundancy of maintenance covers all elements (rail, rail connection profiles and all standard parts used for assembly) that are permanently installed on the structure.

As a result, the cost for maintenance are very low over a lifetime and solely arise from service checkups on the climbing devices usually every two years.

Resulting benefits:

  • No need for constant inspections
  • Permanent reliability
  • Low maintenance costs


The HighStep Rail is the heart of the system and the only part that is permanently installed to the building or structure. The HighStep Rail is visually very discrete. The rail's slender design and the customizable colors aim to reduce the impact on the general appearance of the building. This fulfills the requirements of architects, designer or anyone targeting a contemporary, low landscape impacting appearance.

Resulting benefits:

  • Minimizes the impacts on the visual apperance of a building or structure