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  •  HighStep System

  •  HighStep Rail

  •   HighStep Easy

  •  HighStep Lift

  •  HighStep Robo


The HighStep System

The HighStep System is a modular climbing solution that meets the challenges of professional applications that require to access higher altitudes. The HighStep climbing system always consists of two different components, the aluminium rail as the system bearer and at least one selectable climbing device.

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HighStep Rail


HighStep Rail represents the heart of the HighStep System. As the system bearer, it possesses highly adaptive features to tackle the most diverse requirements arsing from different shapes and surfaces of the buildings it is connected to.

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HighStep Easy


HighStep Easy is the mechanical climbing device used in connection with the HighStep Protector. The HighStep Protector guarantees an additional protection from falls supporting the protection already embedded in HighStep Easy.

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HighStep Lift


HighStep Lift is the electronically driven climbing device, which revolutionizes climbing in its traditional form. HighStep Lift makes climbing redundant and offers all attributes of an elevator extended by unique feature - its portability.

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HighStep Robo


HighStep Robo is the electronically driven climbing device that is able to independently climb and complete tasks such as inspections, carriage of goods, fire fighting etc. solely based on the commands received from an operator.

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HighStep compared to traditional climbing systems

Safety low medium high
Safety connection once once 3-time
Risk of missteps high high none
Height of fall
high high none
Risk of misuse
existing existing not existing
Ergonomics low low high
Climbing method muscle force
muscle force muscle force / motor force (Lift)
Use of arms
high high none
High of steps fix  fix flexible
Costs medium low medium
Purchasing costs medium low medium
Installment costs
high low medium
Maintenance costs
medium low none
Costs for accidents
none high none
Sustainability low low high
Additional system functions hardly possible
hardly possible
Investment protection
low low high
Accident prevention
low low high
Demografic effect
high high low