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HighStep set out with the aim of revolutionising climbing to great heights!

Today, HighStep is the safest and easiest climbing system for ascending to great heights. HighStep reliably prevents falls and accidents during a climb, simply by its in-built, multiple safety elements and the design features of the climbing devices used. The various devices each allow in their own way easy, anatomically correct and thus ergonomic climbing. Safety and ergonomics are inherent in the system of this HighStep climbing method!

However, these two features alone will not revolutionise a market.

The HighStep System is intended to revolutionise climbing to great heights in the same way that railways drastically changed the transport of goods and people in the 19th century. In those days, large numbers of people and tons of material could be transported from A to B in one train. This means of transport was also much more comfortable, as one was no longer compelled to travel in a stagecoach over bumpy roads but could ride comparatively smoothly on rails instead. In the course of time, the stagecoach became obsolete.

In the same way that the horizontal rail created this new form of transport, the vertical rail has now come on the scene to radically change climbing.

The change is not just that one can now climb without any danger of an accident, To start with, it is also much easier than ascending a ladder. The change also means that it is no longer necessary to climb manually oneself, because HighStep has an integrated lift function. One can travel up by Lift simply by selecting the appropriate device.

HighStep is the only future-viable system, because the Rail will always remains the same, so that all the devices developed in the future will still be able to run on it!

But even then that is still not the whole of the concept. HighStep was founded with the intention of developing the system ever further to make climbing, whether manual or automatic, obsolete. An every increasing amount of the work that people have had to do at great heights can now be increasingly taken over by fully automated machines!

But all this only functions because the system is based on a Rail!